Unleash Your Imagination and Bring Your Adventures to Life
By joining our Alpha program, you become an essential party member of our epic adventure to build an AI-driven TTRPG simulator, empowering all adventurers to shape the future of tabletop role-playing.

Trials ($Free/mo)

Experience the magic of Rolepl.ai for free
  • - Craft up to 5 AI-driven creations
  • - Pose up to 25 intriguing questions
  • - Collect up to 50 cherished creations
Gain 500 Monthly Mana

Adventures ($4/mo)

Inspire your role playing with boundless possibilities
  • - Generate up to 100 AI-fueled creations
  • - Ask up to 500 thought-provoking questions
  • - Preserve up to 1000 creations
Gain 10000 Monthly Mana

Epics ($12/mo)

Elevate your game mastery to legendary levels
  • - Generate up to 400 AI-masterminded creations
  • - Dive in to 1000s of captivating conversations
  • - Amass up to 5000 extraordinary creations
Gain 40000 Monthly Mana