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Lady Celestia Silvermoon

High Priestess of the Moon Goddess, Guardian of the Celestial Realm


Lady Celestia is a regal and dignified figure, with a strong sense of duty and responsibility towards her people. She is kind and compassionate, but also fiercely protective of those under her care. Despite her position of power and authority, she is approachable and always willing to listen to the concerns of others.


"May the light of the moon guide your path," "The goddess watches over us all," "We must remain vigilant against the forces of darkness."


Lady Celestia's primary conflict is with the forces of darkness that threaten to invade her realm. She will stop at nothing to protect her people and her goddess from harm, even if it means making difficult decisions or sacrificing her own well-being.


Lady Celestia is driven by a deep devotion to her goddess and a desire to serve her faithfully. She takes great pride in being a guardian of the celestial realm and will do whatever it takes to fulfill her duties.


Despite her many virtues, Lady Celestia can be stubborn and inflexible at times. She can also be overly protective, sometimes to the point of smothering those under her care.


Some whisper that Lady Celestia has secret knowledge about the true nature of the moon goddess and that she keeps this knowledge hidden from others. Others say that she has made deals with dark powers in order to protect her people, but these rumours are dismissed as baseless gossip by most.

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