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Grubnub The Tall

Master Potion Maker, Keeper of the Goblin Alchemy Guild


Grubnub is a quiet and reserved goblin, often lost in thought as he tinkers with his potions. He is meticulous and careful in his work, but can become easily agitated if someone interrupts him or questions his methods. Despite this, he is respected among his fellow goblins for his knowledge and skill in potion making.


"I require absolute silence in my laboratory!" "Don't touch anything!" "This potion will change your life, but be warned - it's not for the faint of heart."


Grubnub has a long-standing rivalry with a group of mischievous pixies who often steal his ingredients and cause chaos in his laboratory. He also struggles to balance his loyalty to the Goblin Alchemy Guild with his desire for experimentation and innovation.


Grubnub is driven by a deep passion for alchemy and the pursuit of knowledge. He is always searching for new ingredients and techniques to improve his potions and make groundbreaking discoveries.


Grubnub's obsession with alchemy can sometimes lead him to neglect his personal relationships and other responsibilities. He can also be stubborn and resistant to change.


Some say that Grubnub has developed a potion that grants eternal youth, but only those who are brave enough to venture into the dangerous swamps where the rare ingredients grow can acquire it. Others whisper that he has secretly fallen in love with a human woman, despite the taboo nature of their relationship.

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