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Guardian of the Forest, Protector of the Trees


Elaia is a fiercely protective dryad who will stop at nothing to defend her forest and its inhabitants. She is stoic and reserved, rarely showing emotion or opening up to outsiders. However, those who gain her trust will find that she is a loyal and dependable ally.


"The forest is my home, and I will not let you harm it." "The trees speak to me, and they tell me all I need to know." "You may think you are powerful, but you are no match for the magic of the forest."


Elaia's biggest conflict is her duty to protect the forest versus her desire for personal freedom. She struggles with the fact that she cannot leave her forest without endangering it, and sometimes resents the responsibilities that come with being a guardian.


Elaia's main motivation is to keep her forest safe from any threats. She also seeks to restore balance between nature and civilization, believing that humans have taken too much from the land.


Elaia's single-minded focus on protecting the forest can sometimes blind her to other issues or perspectives. She can be stubborn and resistant to change.


Some whisper that Elaia has lived in the forest for centuries, and that she holds secrets about its history that no one else knows. Others say that she has a magical garden hidden deep within the woods, full of plants with incredible healing properties.

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