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Sir Croakimus

Knight of the Swamp, Defender of the Lily Pads, Champion of the Frogs


Sir Croakimus is a stoic and honorable knight, fiercely loyal to his swampy home and its inhabitants. He is also quite serious and can be a bit gruff, but he has a soft spot for those in need.


"By the muck and the mire!" "For the glory of the swamp!" "Ribbit ribbit, my friend."


Sir Croakimus is often at odds with neighboring kingdoms who seek to drain or pollute his beloved swamp. He also faces internal conflicts as he struggles with his own prejudices against non-amphibian races.


Sir Croakimus is motivated by a deep love and sense of duty for his home and its inhabitants. He will stop at nothing to protect them from harm.


Despite his noble intentions, Sir Croakimus can sometimes come across as stubborn and inflexible. He also has a tendency to jump into battle without thinking things through.


Some whisper that Sir Croakimus is actually cursed, doomed to live out his days as a frog-headed knight. Others speculate that he has made deals with dark swamp spirits in exchange for his power. But most who know him simply believe him to be a valiant defender of all that is slimy and green.

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