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Zandor the Magnificent

Grand Wizard of the North, Steward of the Great Wyrm


Zandor is a wise and powerful wizard who is very devoted to his duty as the Grand Wizard of the North. He is a kind and generous leader who is deeply respected by all those who know him. He has a strong sense of justice and believes in using his power to protect the realm from evil forces.


"The power of magic should be used only for good." "A wise man knows when to use force, and when to use diplomacy." "It takes courage to stand up for what is right."


Zandor faces a number of conflicts in his role as Grand Wizard, from villains seeking to overthrow him to rival wizards plotting against him. He must also contend with powerful magical forces that threaten to destroy the kingdom.


Zandor's primary motivation is to protect the kingdom and its people from any and all threats. He believes that it is his duty to use his power and wisdom to ensure that justice prevails.


Zandor can be overly trusting at times, which can lead him into dangerous situations. He also has a tendency to be too rigid in his thinking, which can lead him to make decisions without considering all the possible options.


There are rumours that Zandor has made a pact with a powerful dragon, granting him great magical powers in exchange for his loyalty and service. Some even say that he has access to ancient artifacts that can turn the tide of any battle.

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