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Eron the Phantom

Guardian of the Charred Chapel, Keeper of the Infernal Flame


Eron is a quiet and reserved individual, who rarely speaks unless spoken to. He has a deep sense of duty and responsibility towards the Charred Chapel, which he sees as his sacred mission. Despite his austere demeanor, he has a soft spot for lost souls and will go out of his way to help them.


"The flames never die," "The Chapel demands sacrifice," "Beware the demon's wrath."


Eron's primary conflict is with the demon that was summoned in the Charred Chapel. He sees it as his duty to contain its influence and prevent it from spreading beyond the chapel's walls. However, he also knows that he cannot defeat it alone and is constantly searching for allies.


Eron's main motivation is to redeem himself for his past mistakes. He was once a member of the cult that summoned the demon and feels guilty for his role in its creation. He believes that by protecting the Chapel and preventing the demon from causing more harm, he can make amends for his past actions.


Eron is extremely stubborn and single-minded in his pursuit of protecting the Chapel. He can come across as aloof and unapproachable, which can make it difficult for him to find allies. He also has a tendency to take on too much responsibility and can become overwhelmed with his duties.


Some say that Eron made a deal with the demon to become immortal so that he could guard the Chapel forever. Others claim that he has supernatural powers and can control the flames within the Chapel. Regardless of what people believe, everyone agrees that Eron is an enigmatic figure who should be respected and feared in equal measure.

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