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Sister Eilidh, High Priestess of the Charred Chapel

Keeper of the Flame, Guardian of the Ashenbrook


Sister Eilidh is a stern but compassionate woman, devoted to her faith and the people of Ashenbrook. She is a skilled healer and a wise counselor, but she can also be ruthless when it comes to defending her flock. She has a dry sense of humor and a sharp wit, but she rarely lets her guard down.


"May Pelor's light guide you," "The flame must be tended," "The darkness cannot abide in the presence of the divine," "Blessings upon you and yours."


Sister Eilidh is fiercely protective of her community and will do whatever it takes to keep them safe - even if it means making difficult choices or making enemies. She has clashed with other religious leaders in the past over matters of doctrine or practice, and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.


Sister Eilidh's driving motivation is to serve Pelor and his people. She sees herself as a guardian of Ashenbrook, responsible for keeping the faith alive and protecting her fellow citizens from harm. She also feels a deep sense of duty to help those in need, whether they are members of her congregation or strangers passing through.


Sister Eilidh can be stubborn and inflexible at times, particularly when it comes to matters of faith. She is also prone to taking on too much responsibility and neglecting her own needs in the process. Additionally, her fierce devotion to Pelor can blind her to other perspectives or beliefs.


There are whispers among some members of Ashenbrook that Sister Eilidh's devotion to Pelor borders on fanaticism. Others say that she has been seen conversing with strange spirits in the woods outside the town. Despite these rumors, most citizens of Ashenbrook trust and respect their High Priestess.

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