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Sir Aric the Valiant

The Ghostly Guardian of Pelor, Knight of the Radiant Sun


Sir Aric is a stoic and noble spirit, dedicated to his duty of protecting the temple of Pelor. He speaks with a deep, booming voice that echoes through the halls. He is fiercely loyal to his charge and will stop at nothing to defend it.


"I am the shield that protects Pelor's light." "My oath is eternal, my duty unending." "I shall not rest until every threat to Pelor is vanquished."


Sir Aric is haunted by the memory of a battle in which he failed to protect his comrades. He is plagued by guilt and will sometimes take unnecessary risks to prove himself worthy of his title.


Sir Aric's sole motivation is to protect Pelor and its followers. He believes that this is his purpose in death and will go to any lengths to fulfill it.


Sir Aric's devotion to his duty can lead him to be rigid and inflexible. He is also prone to bouts of anger and frustration when he feels that Pelor or its followers are being threatened.


Some say that Sir Aric's ghostly form is powered by the very light of Pelor itself, while others believe that he was cursed by an ancient enemy of the temple. Regardless of the truth, all agree that he is a fearsome protector who has never failed in his duty.

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