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Grogath the Scurrier



Grogath is a cowardly goblin who always tries to stay out of trouble. He's quick-witted and sly, but lacks any real ambition or drive. He's easily intimidated and tends to be a follower rather than a leader.


"Please don't hurt me!", "I didn't do it!", "I'll do anything you want, just spare me!"


Grogath is constantly caught between his desire for safety and his need to survive. He often finds himself in situations where he must choose between betraying his allies or risking his own life.


Grogath's main motivation is self-preservation. He's always looking for ways to protect himself and avoid danger. He's also motivated by his desire for comfort and security.


Grogath is a coward and lacks courage when it comes to standing up for himself or others. He's also selfish and will betray his friends if it means saving his own skin.


Some say that Grogath has a stash of stolen goods hidden somewhere in the forest, while others claim that he's secretly working for the enemy. There are even rumours that he's been seen consorting with dark magic users in the dead of night. However, most people simply see him as a pathetic little goblin who's more trouble than he's worth.

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